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The beer keg tracking & fleet management system designed for breweries with added functionality to track your brewery’s trade marketing, cooling and dispensing equipment.

Keep track of all your kegs and equipment with less hassle using our colour tagged, highly visual and easy to understand design and simple functionality.

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Why Does Every Brewery Need a Keg Management System?

Having sold kegs, POSM and dispensing equipment to breweries for many years, we know that keeping track of it all can be a real nightmare.

That’s why we decided to create a simple, reliable and easy-to-use tracking system, so brewers can go back to focusing on more important tasks, like making the best beer out there.

  • • Eliminate keg loss by tracking them through each step of standard rotation.
  • • Eliminate POSM and equipment loss by tracking accounts where your brewery assets are in use.

Maintain control by easily checking-in kegs throughout stages of keg rotation with a barcode or RFID marker scan.

Know where your kegs, POSM and dispensing equipment are when your brewery and your customers need them.

With Kegсhek You Won’t Have to Worry About

Keg Tacking App Key Features

  • ✓ Inventory monitoring
  • ✓ Location and status of every keg shown on a map
  • ✓ Unlimited keg tracking
  • ✓ Custom keg status and inventory reports
  • ✓ Information updates in real-time
  • ✓ GPS, RFID, Bluetooth Tracking

Track Kegs, POSM and Equipment. Save Money.

Grow your business without ever having to locate your kegs or trade marketing and beer cooling and dispensing equipment!

With Kegchek you can keep track of all your kegs with just a few clicks!

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  • 4Start getting insights!
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